Where do you fit in?

As a squad member you receive a tailor-made training program. We have three levels and you can move between these, depending on how you progress: Novice/Beginner, Recreational and Intermediate.

Regardless of which program you follow, you will be working hard and you will be required to be consistent and dedicate 5-6 days per week to your training.

Check the table below to see where you fit in.




  • You just want to go for a run and finish your race

  • You run with mates and edge each other on to work hard

  • You are out for your best / fastest race ever

  • You have limited time to train or are coming into the program late

  • You have 12-18 weeks to race day

  • You have at least 18 weeks to race day

  • You currently run 15km per week and can build up to 75km per week

  • You currently run 25km per week and can build up to 80km per week

  • You already run 70km per week and will build up to 100km per week

  • You will increase your mileage gradually and keep intensity low

  • You have an endurance base in place and can cope with higher intensity runs

  • You have a strong endurance base in place and are ready to work at a high intensity

  • You don't want to do / don't know how to do speedwork or tempo running

  • You will spend 5 weeks in base training before moving on to speedwork and tempo running

  • You will go straight into speedwork and tempo running

  • Other reasons for selecting the novice program: You are fundraising for a good cause; this is a bucket-list item of yours; you are pressed for time due to family / work commitments

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