Time to change up your running routine?

At Squad Lawson you will get a chance to spruce up your running with a variety of workouts to build your running mojo. Take up the challenges and have some fun.

Challenge #1 Complete 3 races in one weekend

Train for and do the 3M3D Grand Slam (i.e. three marathons in three days), or pick a slightly easier option: Friday – marathon; Saturday – Fig Tree Half Marathon or 10km; and Sunday – marathon or 16km Lake Morris Road race.

Challenge #2 Set your goals and win

At the Kick-off meeting on 26 January 2022 you will create your own bingo board with measurable goals. As you achieve a goal, you mark it off on your board. The goals must be short term and achievable, for example: ‘Run easy for 5 days in a row’. The person to complete their board first gets a prize!

Challenge #3 Dice workouts

The Dice workout is a fun way to break up our interval sessions on Tuesdays and will be used while we are not in a race-specific training period i.e. during the first 1-2 months of our 6 month training block. Using a 6-sided die, you do the workout related to the number you throw on the die. Options change from week to week to keep you on your toes.

What else?

We will do a variety of workouts to keep you entertained and motivated, including:

  • Garmin art

  • Glow runs

  • Run & do strength workouts at jungle gyms around town

  • Scenic runs – great views, unique landmarks – natural or man-made

  • Trail runs – green arrow, Barron Gorge, etc.

  • Running with a new friend

  • Running with your dog

  • Challenging others – handicap runs and ‘chase the rabbit’

  • Indian file

  • Run up/down stairs – yellow and red arrow

  • Beep test

At the end of our training sessions you get to do:

  • Strides

  • Kick at the end

  • Glide drill

Don't know what some of these workouts are? Then it's time you sign up and join the Squad! A reminder that there is a 'virtual option' for those who can't join us in person. You can still do the sessions, be it at another time or another location.

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