The day before the race

The day before your race is no time to try and figure out what you are going to do during the race, or doubt the race plan you have already devised. It’s also not the time to cut your toe nails – you need to do that a few days prior, nor is it worth worrying about sleeping. You need a good night’s rest two days PRIOR to your race.

Have a rest and fuel up. Have some water. Mimic what you did leading into your long runs, that’s WHY you did those things - so that race day is not so daunting, and you have tried and tested in advance what you are going to do.

Half marathoners just need to have their regular diet, no special preparation required. Even for my marathons I tend to keep my diet the same, but I may add some liquid fuel such as Tailwind or Endura in the two days leading into the event. I also increase my intake of magnesium. But I’m no doctor, so you will need to work out what YOU will do. The ultra-runners hardly need to do anything different. You will be depleted within the first 4 hours or so, so your race plan will include how you are going to be replacing your nutrients during the actual event. Some people eat food, others take supplements.

You don’t need to run today – unless you are like many of us these days trying to squeeze in a parkrun before the race!

Be warned that if you need to collect your race bib and there is an expo, you may spend more time on your legs than you intended to. Not to mention the stress of finding a park, especially if the event is not in your home town. If possible, visit the expo (if there is one) and collect your race bib a couple of days prior to the event.

The night before the race, lay out all your gear. Check your Facebook friends’ posts, as they will be doing the same and sharing their photos with you. Pin your number on your singlet and check it’s nice and straight.

If you are doing an ultra, the night before is WAY to late to be sorting out your gear. This needed to be done at least a week in advance to give you time to buy last minute supplies and gear that you need. Make sure you have all the mandatory gear as prescribed by the event organiser.

If you are doing a staged event, make sure you have all your gear sorted for each day, and enough nutrition for the event, and also for your recovery between days.

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