Lorraine's Squad Training Guide

In 2014 I released the first edition of my training guide. I update it periodically to take into account the latest research and developments, so over the next couple of weeks, I'll release the updated chapters as I complete them.

Here is the contents list, although I will not necessarily be doing it in this order for the update:

  1. The warm up and cool down

  2. Rest

  3. Recovery

  4. Training principles (Part 1)

  5. Design your own training program

  6. Using heart rate in your training

  7. Long slow distance (LSD)

  8. Improve your running economy/efficiency

  9. Energy systems

  10. Nutrition

  11. Weight training

  12. Dealing with injuries

  13. Training principles (Part 2)

  14. Time trials

  15. Pacing and Effort

  16. Tempo Running

  17. Speed work and fartlek

  18. Hills

  19. Race preparation

  20. Support and mental toughness

  21. Ultra running and stress management

  22. Tapering

  23. The day before the race

  24. Race knowledge

  25. Race day

  26. What’s next?

I also have ideas on a few new chapters to add.

To keep myself motivated, I'll upload each updated chapter to this blog. Look out for the first update on Monday night/Tuesday morning next week. (I'm having the weekend off!).

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