Benefits of joining Squad Lawson

Date for the 2022 Summer Squad: 24 January to 7 August 2022

Kick-off meeting: 25 January 2022 (Australia Day - after we've done a fun run) - or join us virtually via Zoom.


  1. The focus is on the 3M3D events (3M3D grand slam, Cairns Marathon and Fig Tree Half Marathon), but the timeframe also allows you to focus on the 7 Cairns Marathon events or the K2PD.

  2. Squad singlet - pink.

  3. Training programs for all race distances. Exclusive to squad members.

  4. Goal assessment and a training review (Gold participants only) to ensure you stay on track.

  5. Help with pacing. Exclusive to squad members. Many squad members in the past have found this to be one of the best benefits to enhancing their training.

  6. NEW: Access to an online training program (if you need it) that will tell you want you need to do each week. Virtual squad members get this as part of their package. I'm still looking at possibly selling the online training programs for anyone that needs one.

  7. NEW: Strength training - online 1-2 afternoons or morning per week. Details yet to be finalised. This is included in your squad fee.

  8. Yoga & Pilates - these out or build up your existing level. This is included in your squad fee.

  9. Exclusive access to the 'The next 21-days' private Facebook group to get support from other squad members and help others out. This is where you will get most of the 'mindfulness / mental toughness' information. Depending on how the new app goes, this option may move to that platform.

  10. NEW: Access to the Squad Lawson app where you can book your sessions (all sessions are by appointment only), chat to me on the go, and connect with other squad members (IF you want to create a profile on the app).

  11. Regular socials and meetings to catch up face-to-face or via web-conference.

  12. NEW: Access to my latest-and-greatest idea: 10-minute micro-learning videos all about running. Great way to start the day and then try to apply what you've learnt during the course of the day or week. These videos will be available on my website (at a fee) for anyone, but squad members get free access.

There are three packages available: 1) Silver - pay $70 per month (good for those looking for around a 3-month block leading into a marathon or half marathon) 2) Gold - pay $90 per month (good for those looking at doing the 3M3D or K2PD. Comprehensive coaching and support over a six month block) 3) Virtual - pay $100 for a 3-month block (good for those who can't make training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings). The aim is for runners to join us from 5-5.10am via video link for the start of the training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then go off to do their own training. Otherwise you can watch the recording and do it anytime.

Note that you will register through my personal website, but all payments go into the Dynamic Running bank account. Dynamic Running will then pay me a fee for the coaching. You can view the details for each package and book your spot on my website.

2020 Summer Squad. The singlets for 2022 are PINK

Hope you can join us for the 2022 Summer Squad!

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